Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today,we learn about differences between Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Write.
Here are some comparisons:

Basic Differences for the Casual User

There are notable differences when comparing Writer and Word. One worth mentioning is the ability to convert a document into a PDF. A big plus, since this is not an option in Word without applying an add-on. In fact, the ability to convert to PDF is available in all but the database application in OpenOffice.org.

Converting a Writer document to PDF is simple. When ready:

  • Click the "Export Directly as PDF" button on the Standard Toolbar, or from the File menu, select Explort as PDF, choose options in PDF options window, click Export button
  • The Export window will appear
  • Choose destination drive and/or folder for the PDF
  • Give the PDF a file name
  • Click the Save button

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